The Union Cricket Club has been part of the North Otago Cricket Association since it was founded in 1909.

The clubs first XI or Senior team has a long history of achievement having won the NOCA premier club competition, the Borton Cup, over thirty times. In recent seasons it equalled the competition’s record of 4 championship seasons in a row. Over the years over 100 players have gone on to play representative cricket for North Otago, while two of its members have played first class cricket for the Otago Volts

Records from the lower grades are sparse in terms of successful seasons but it has been highly competitive and at times had more than one team at each level. Recently the club has had one second grade and one senior reserve team.

Feel free to navigate through our extensive website that is updated each week with news and results to see how our club is going.

  • Senior
  • Senior Reserve
  • Second Grade
10-Mar-18 Waitaki BHSLost by 1 sc
03-Mar-18 AlbionLost by 111 runssc
10-Feb-18 ValleyLost by 62 runssc
09-Feb-18 ValleyLost by 43 runssc
03-Feb-18 Waitaki BHSWon by 4 wktssc
28-Jan-18 ValleyLost by 27 runssc
20-Jan-18 ValleyWon by 48 runssc
16-Dec-17 AlbionWon by 4 wktssc
09-Dec-17 OamaruWon by 64 runssc
02-Dec-17 AlbionWon by 8 wktssc
02-Dec-17 ValleyWon by 8 wktssc
25-Nov-17 AlbionWon by 1 runssc
11-Nov-17 OamaruWon by 36 runssc
04-Nov-17 ValleyWon by 36 runssc
10-Feb-18 Oamaru-SKCWon by 229 runs
25-Nov-17 WBHS 2ndsWon by 73 runs
18-Nov-17 Oamaru-SKCWon by 170 runs
28-Feb-15 ByeWon by 170 runs
21-Feb-15 AlbionWon by 170 runs
14-Feb-15 WBHS 2ndsLost by 6 wkts
07-Feb-15 WBHS 3rdsWon by 200 runs
24-Jan-15 GlenavyWon by 2 wkts
17-Jan-15 Bye
15-Jan-15 ValleyLost by 110 runs
13-Dec-14 GlenavyLost by 6 wkts
29-Nov-14 ValleyWon by 3 wkts
22-Mar-14 ValleyLost by 2 wkts
15-Mar-14 Eastern SRWon by 4 wkts
18-Nov-17 WBHS 3rdsWon by 10 wkts
31-Oct-15 WBHS 5th XIWon by default
28-Feb-15 ValleyWon by default
21-Feb-15 AlbionWon by default
14-Feb-15 WBHS 4thsWon by default
07-Feb-15 OamaruWon by default
15-Jan-15 ValleyWon by 9 wkts
10-Jan-15 AlbionLost by 9 wkts
13-Dec-14 AlbionWon by 7 wkts
06-Dec-14 Bye
29-Nov-14 ValleyWon by 6 wkts
15-Nov-14 AlbionLost by 75 runs
08-Nov-14 Oamaru BWon by default
01-Nov-14 OamaruWon by 6 wkts
Seniors start with two losses
Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Seniors finish with win
Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Seniors finish 3rd
Sunday, 15 January 2017
Seniors lose low scoring encounter
Monday, 19 December 2016
Seniors beaten by Albion
Monday, 12 December 2016
Seniors fall to Albion
Monday, 28 November 2016
Seniors crush Oamaru SKC
Monday, 21 November 2016


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