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Senior Fielding - J Maddigan Trophy

J Maddigan TrophyThis trophy is for the player who has the highest aggregate of catches in the senior grade. This Cup was presented to the club by Jack Maddigan shortly after retirement following his 36 years playing for the senior side. Graham Cowles was awarded the first winner in 1964-65. To be awarded this cup the winner has taken the most number of catches in the senior grade, catches taken by players while wicketkeeping are only counted as half a catch.

1963-64Graham Cowles
1964-65Graham Cowles
1965-66Graham Cowles
1966-67Ray Johnston
1967-68Robert Bowman
1968-69Robert Bowman
1969-70Richard Golden
1970-71Robert Bowman
1971-72Robert Bowman
1972-73Robert Bowman
1973-74Robert Bowman
1974-75Jim Laurenson
1975-76Robert Bowman
1976-77Robert Bowman
1977-78Robert Bowman
Chris Taylor
1978-79Robert Bowman
1979-80Michael Dodd
1980-81Robert Bowman
1981-82Lindsay Robertson
1982-83Russell Payne
1983-84Lindsay Robertson
1984-85Bruce McGregor
1985-86Brent Stuart25
1986-87Russell Payne
Murray Sangster
Chris Taylor
1987-88Keith McLeod
1988-89Keith McLeod
1989-90Keith McLeod
1990-91Grant Hiscoke
1991-92John Crombie
1992-93Shane Curle
Grant Hiscoke
1993-94Grant Hiscoke1 + 15wk 8 1/2
1994-95Aliisili (Ali) Fanene6
Mark Wilson6
1995-96Matt Laming3 + 18wk = 12
1996-97Paul Beare9 catches
1997-98Glynn Cameron7 + 8wk = 11
1998-99Mark Wilson15 catches
1999-00Paul Johnston
Mark Wilson10 catches
2000-01Joel Dwyer10 catches
2001-02Neville Donaldson9 catches
2002-03Paul Johnston11
2003-04Neville Donaldson14 catches
2004-05Glynn Cameron9 catches
2005-06Glynn Cameron11 catches
2006-07Mitchell McRae5 catches
2007-08Antony Cromwell18 wkt catches + 9 Stumpings
2008-09Paul Johnston11 catches
2009-10Thomas Shields14 catches
2010-11Thomas Shields9 catches
2011-12Paul Johnston9 catches
2012-13Sean Conlan8 catches
2013-14Paul Johnston10 catches
2014-15Paul Johnston9 catches
2015-16Brad Fleming10 catches
2016-17Dylan Edwards16 wkt catches
2017-18Duncan Drew12 catches
2018-19Duncan Drew19 catches
2019-20Thomas Shields8 catches

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