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Senior Reserve /2nd XI /Club30 - Batting - Des Kearns Cup

Only two instances of a winner of the Junior batting prior to 1945 survived into present day. From looking over the minutes from the Annual General Meetings the following information has been gathered.

In 1922 J Granger was presented with the E Maudes Bat, who had the bat presented to him by F Graham. It is unknown what W Manson was presented with in 1940

During the early years of the club many 'outside matches' were played, that is matches against opposition outside the local club competition. It is unknown if the statistics below include these matches, but are listed here as they were stated in the minutes from the Annual General Meetings.

The Des Kearns Cup is for the best batsman of the Club30 grade. First presented in 1959-60 the Cup is named after Des Kearns, a club supporter during the 50ties and 60ties, it was for originally for the Junior Grade batsman but after the introduction of Senior Reserve in the late 70ties changed to Senior Reserve. Since then the Second Grade and Senior Reserve have been replaced with the Club30 grade. Winners of this trophy have their name and the season they where awarded as batsman of the year engraved on the Senior Reserve/ 2nd XI honours board at King George Park, home of the Union Cricket Club.

Junior Batting
1921-22J Granger240 @ 20.00
1939-40W Manson178 @ 29.60

Des Kearns Cup
1959-60Doug Lawrie
1960-61Edward Tempero
1961-62John Goodall
1962-63Don Hopkins
1963-64Don Hopkins
1964-65Doug Lawrie
1965-66John Goodall
1966-67Edward Tempero
1967-68Gilbert Reid
1968-69Doug Lawrie
1969-70Graham Sangster
1970-71James B. Smyth
1971-72Ray Hunt
1972-73Gibb Carling
1973-74Ray Hunt
1974-75Roddy Brown
1975-76Julian Anderson
1976-77Gerald Hanna
1977-78Gerald Hanna
1978-79Dennis Johnston
1979-80Ernie Cook
1980-81Russell Payne302 @ 37.75
1981-82Gerald Hanna441 @ 49
1982-83Edward Tempero241 @ 26.77
1983-84Dennis Johnston342 @ 34.2
1984-85Geoff Rudduck278 @ 25.27
1985-86Mel Douglas427 @ 35.58
1986-87Richard MacGregor379 @ 25.56
1987-88Mel Douglas481 @ 32.06
1988-89Brent Wilson446 @ 34.3
1989-90Peter Cameron283 @ 31.44
1990-91Peter Cameron431 @ 28.73
1991-92Peter Cameron598 @ 54.36
1992-93Peter Cameron
1993-94Graham Hiscoke
1994-95Robert Coates
1995-96Jason Hasler
1996-97Jason Little454 @ 50.44
1997-98Jason Drummond337 @ 67.40
1998-99Jason Hasler376 @ 37.6
1999-00Craig Campbell278 @ 27.8
2000-01Jason Todd216 @ 72
2001-02Rodrick Rzepecky71 @ 14.20
2002-03Greg Stanger
2003-04Ben Hardaker312 @ 26
2004-05John Anderson220
2005-06Andrew Lusty278 @ 22
2006-07Todd Sidon412 @ 27
2007-08Neville Donaldson216 @ 43.20
2008-09Neville Donaldson419 @ 52
2010-11Jason Todd402 @ 44.70
2011-12Neville Donaldson371 @ 46.37
2012-13Neville Donaldson299 @ 29.42
2013-14John Anderson348 @ 38.67
2014-15John Anderson
2016-17Jason Todd221 @ 44.20
2017-18Jason Todd580 @ 74.00
2018-19Mark Creighton138