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Senior Reserve /2nd XI - Bowling - Presented by F.E. Jones 1930/31

Only one instance of a winner of the Junior bowling prior to 1930 survived into present day. From looking over the minutes from the Annual General Meetings the following information has been gathered.

It is unknown what the winner was presented with if he was presented with anything at all. The only winner who is known is listed below

During the early years of the club many 'outside matches' were played, that is matches against opposition outside the local club competition. It is unknown if the statistics below include these matches, but are listed here as they were stated in the minutes from the Annual General Meetings.

Awarded to the best bowler in the Senior Reserve/2nd XI competition. Presented to the club by Frank E. Jones in the 1930, this is the oldest Cup that is awarded to club members. Winners of this trophy are represented at King George Park, the home of the Union Cricket Club, with their name added to the Senior Reserve/2nd XI honour board along with the season. To be awarded with this Cup the winner must have taken at least 20 wickets in the Senior Reserve grade to qualify, then the lowest bowling average amongst those that have qualified.

Junior Bowling
1921-22A V Young43 @ 9.26

Presnted F.E. Jones 1930/31
1930-31A.W. Budd
1931-32Star King
1932-33B Brook
1933-34Star King
1938-39R Parker
1939-40L Blair
1955-56William Sangster
1956-57Richard Hicks
1957-58Richard Hicks
1958-59Richard Hicks
1959-60Dave Edwards
1960-61Ron Lamont
1961-62Jack McConway
1962-63William Rushton
1963-64Don Hopkins
1964-65John Goodall
1965-66John Goodall
1966-67Les Halberg
1967-68Dave Edwards
1968-69Robert W. Pile
1969-70Max Waby
1970-71William Rushton
1971-72Wayne Mansell
1972-73Ken McNally
1973-74Ray Hunt
1974-75Gary Ford
1975-76David Meikle
1976-77Tim Cook
1977-78Tim Cook
1978-79Neville Donaldson
1979-80Roddy Brown
1980-81David Meikle30 @ 13.93
1981-82Barry Duncan20 @ 10.1
1982-83William Miller
1983-84Stuart Kendall55 @ 9.67
1984-85David Meikle35 @ 9.28
1985-86David Meikle21 @ 12.51
1986-87Richard MacGregor29 @ 12.1
1987-88Graham Barton23 @ 13.82
1988-89David Meikle24 @ 18.83
1989-90Graham Hiscoke27 @ 15
1990-91David Meikle18 @ 18.27
1991-92Blair Hiscoke22 @ 14.22
1992-93Graham Hiscoke
1993-94Bevan Forrest
1994-95Michael Forrest
1995-96Lyndon Fleming
1996-97Bevan Forrest38 @ 11.58
1997-98Bret Beston39 @ 8.92
1998-99Philip Crossan23 @ 19.6
1999-00Craig Campbell29 @ 9.45
2000-01Jason Todd31 @ 12
2001-02Rodrick Rzepecky10 @ 11.10
2002-03Rodrick Rzepecky
2003-04Ben Hardaker27 @ 11.6
2004-05Hamish McMurdo30 Wickets
2005-06Todd Sidon31 Wickets
2006-07Todd Sidon29 wickets
2007-08Michael Todd26 @ 13
2008-09Mathew Rusbatch
2010-11Glen Marshall21 @ 9.70
2011-12Glen Marshall20 @ 11.00
2012-13Mason James21 @ 21.50
2013-14Dylan Edwards20 @ 7.85
2014-15Blake Martin
2016-17Charlie Saunders12 @ 27.50
2017-18Chinthaka De Silva25 @ 8.00