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Senior Reserve /2nd XI /Club30 5 wickets in an innings 1989- -

Bowlers who have taken 5 wickets in an innings for a Union Senior Reserve/2nd XI side.

1989-90Brett Cairns5-51 vs WBHS
Blair Hiscoke6-44 vs Oamaru
David Maretia-Ria5-53 vs Oamaru
1990-91D Proudfoot5-51 vs Albion
1991-92Graham Hiscoke5-37 vs Glenavy
Blair Hiscoke5-27 vs St Kevins
Glen Kenworthy5-30 vs St Kevins
B Willetts5-49 vs Oamaru
1992-93Graham Hiscoke5-27 vs Glenavy
Graham Hiscoke5-29 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
David Meikle6-23 vs Albion
Ivan Pali5-11 vs Oamaru
1993-94Bevan Forrest6-23 vs Oamaru
Bevan Forrest5-17 vs Union Blue
David Meikle5-22 vs Glenavy
Darryl Whitburn6-32 vs Oamaru
1994-95Michael Forrest5-31 vs WBHS
Bevan Forrest5-17 vs Union Blue
Michael Forrest5-28 vs Valley
Jason Hasler6-41 vs WBHS
Darryl Whitburn5-39 vs St Kevins
1995-96Graham Hiscoke7-24 vs Glenavy
Ivan Pali5-44 vs Union Gold
Ivan Pali5-32 vs Glenavy
1996-97Brett Cairns5-50 vs St Kevins
Brett Cairns5-14 vs Union Gold
Lyndon Fleming6-32 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
Bevan Forrest5-33 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
Bevan Forrest8-21 vs Oamaru
Bevan Forrest6-12 vs Oamaru
David Meikle6-30 vs Glenavy
Eric Searle5-15 vs Albion
1997-98Bret Beston6-21 vs Union Star & Garter
Bret Beston6-45 vs Union Star & Garter
Bret Beston7-38 vs WBHS
Bret Beston5-30 vs Albion
Bevan Forrest8-13 vs WBHS 2nd XI
Eric Searle7-27 vs Glenavy
Brendon Sidon5-38 vs Glenavy
1998-99Philip Crossan5-16 vs Oamaru
1999-00Craig Campbell6-14 vs Albion
Ben Maynard6-18 vs St Kevins
2000-01Scott Guyton5-21 vs WBHS
Ben Maynard6-18 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
Ben Maynard5-27 vs WBHS
Jason Todd5-22 vs Glenavy
Jason Todd6-20 vs WBHS
2001-02Philip Crossan6-37 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
Rodrick Rzepecky6-12 vs Union 2nd Grade
Ben Sinnamon6-9 vs St Kevins 2nd XI
2004-05Hamish McMurdo5-6 vs St Kevins
Bryce Robins5-28 vs WBHS 2nd XI
Todd Sidon6-5 vs Oamaru
2005-06Todd Sidon5-17 vs WBHS 3rd XI
2007-08Todd Sidon5-50 vs WBHS
Michael Todd5-46 vs Glenavy
2008-09Mathew Rusbatch5-25 vs St Kevins
2009-10Steven Kelly5-38 vs WBHS Veterns
Mathew Rusbatch6-11 vs St Kevins
2010-11Blake James8-22 vs St Kevins
2011-12Robert Coates5-20 vs WBHS
Blake James6-44 vs Albion
2012-13Scott Kitto7-28 vs St Kevins
Christian Westergaard5-24 vs Valley
2013-14James Nicol5-20 vs Eastern Colts
Kirk Sidon5-28 vs Eastern
2016-17Manoj Thomas5 for 35 vs Glenavy
2017-18Mark Creighton6-13 vs WBHS 2nd XI 25 Nov 2017
Chinthaka De Silva5-17 vs WBHS 2nd XI 10 Mar 2018
2018-19Trent Westergaard5-12 vs Glenavy (NOCA Cup Final) 16 Mar 2019
Steven Wilson5-50 vs Glenavy 2 Feb 2019
2019-20Steven Wilson5-37 vs Albion 23 Nov 2019

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