North Otago Second Grade Competition Winner
Trophy/Honour Image

The origins of this trophy are not known. Before the introduction of Senior Reserve in the late 1970ties, this trophy was for the second highest grade in North Otago, the Junior Grade. Union first won the J Dell cup in 1921-22. All records of winners where lost as the original trophy was lost 5 years ago, so as a result all records on the website are some, possibly not all of the years Union has won the J Dell Cup.(April 2010)

J (EP) Dell Cup

1921-22 Union Juniors
1923-24 Union Juniors
1933-34 Union Cricket Club
1934-35 Union Cricket Club
1946-47 Union Cricket Club
1947-48 Union Cricket Club
1958-59 Union Cricket Club
1959-60 Union Cricket Club
1961-62 Union Cricket Club
1963-64 Union Juniors
1964-65 Union Juniors
1978-79 Union Second Grade
1985-86 Union Second Grade
1988-89 Union Second Grade
1993-94 Union Second Grade
2001-02 Union Cavaliers
2005-06 Union Fawkes