North Otago Senior Reserve Competition Winner
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The North Otago Cricket Association Cup is for the winner of the Senior Reserve competition. In the late 70ties the North Otago Cricket Association changed the level of grades from what there was previously and introduced a new grade just below Senior called Senior Reserve. Union at times have provided two teams in this competition. On the 23rd of March 1997, Union Gold won the final against another Union side, Union Blue. This final was played on the small field at King George Park, while the Senior team next door on the large field, beat the Oamaru team to win the Borton Cup.

North Otago Cricket Association Cup

1979-80 Union Senior Reserve
1983-84 Union Senior Reserve
1984-85 Union Senior Reserve
1987-88 Union Senior Reserve
1990-91 Union Senior Reserve
1996-97 Union Gold
2002-03 Union Payne