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Represents an individual score of 100 runs or more by a batter. Those who score 100 or better for a Union Cricket Club team are represented at King George Park, the home of the Union Cricket Club, with their name added to the Centuries honours board along with final score and year. Centuries listed on the website prior to 1966-67 are Senior/ 1st XI only.

1920-21JJ Stott128 not out
JJ Stott100 not out
1926-27Ronald W McDonald106
Ronald W McDonald114
1927-28Ronald W McDonald108 not out
1928-29E D Brown127
E D Brown146 not out
Ronald W McDonald180
1929-30Ronald W McDonald126
Ronald W McDonald139
James M. Robertson104 not out
1930-31Ronald W McDonald109
1931-32E D Brown130
Ronald W McDonald130 not out
1932-33William Burrows128
1934-35Ronald W McDonald129
1936-37W Tonkin104 not out
1937-38Doug Papps182
Doug Papps105
1938-39Doug Papps121 not out
Doug Papps144
W Tonkin100 not out
1939-40Jack W Kinder105
Clarry Rawstorn118
1949-50Jack Maddigan113
Jack Maddigan126 not out
1950-51Arthur Cutler123
George McFadzien105
1954-55John O. Smyth114
1959-60Graham Cowles122
1960-61Peter McLean109 not out
John Wilson109 not out
1961-62John Wilson113 not out
1963-64Russell Payne118
1966-67Robert Bowman104 not out
Richard Golden104
1969-70Dave Edwards107
Jock A Sangster125 not out
1970-71Brian Davidson107 not out
1971-72Bruce Anderson109 not out
Robert Bowman122 not out
1972-73Russell Payne101 not out
1974-75Wayne Mansell122 not out
1975-76Barry Meikle123 not out
Neil Plunket100 not out
1976-77L McKenzie123 not out
Russell Payne122 not out
Russell Payne104 not out
Steven J Ross102 not out
1977-78Ray Hunt111
Graham Johnston100 not out
Russell Payne113 not out
Gary Smith101 not out
1978-79Jim Hopley100 not out
Dennis Johnston100 not out
1979-80Michael Ross100
Chris Taylor100
1980-81S Faeasuka112
Graham Johnston100 not out
Lindsay Robertson138
1981-82Russell Payne103
Lindsay Robertson103
1982-83Ernie Cook103
John Lambert112
Barry Meikle136
Barry Meikle113
1983-84Chris Taylor100
1984-85Bruce McGregor103
Russell Payne105
Lindsay Robertson100
1985-86Billy Bird123 not out
Mel Douglas111
Russell McGregor101 not out
Peter Rudduck144 not out
1986-87Michael Dodd121
Graham Payne109
1987-88Peter Brown126
Michael Dodd100 not out
Bruce McGregor127 not out
1988-89Peter Cameron118 not out
Mel Douglas125 not out
Mel Douglas107 not out
1989-90Andrew Anderson102 not out
Peter Cameron101 not out
Derek Walker135
Michael Willetts101 not out
Adam Yaxley133
1990-91Michael Dodd103 not out
Michael Dodd101
1991-92Peter Bond105
Peter Cameron128
Glen Kenworthy105
Glen Kenworthy102
Gordon Muldrew115 not out
Mark Wilson113
1992-93Peter Brown100 not out
Peter Cameron127
Peter Cameron117
1993-94Graham Hiscoke116 not out
1994-95Aliisili (Ali) Fanene105 not out
Ivan Pali101 not out
1995-96Graham Pope104 not out
1996-97Jason Little108
Heta Miller101
1998-99Glynn Cameron100 not out
Duncan Drew121
Jason Hasler105
Heta Miller112
1999-00Craig Campbell121
John Crombie100
John Crombie114 not out
Stephen Lamb102
Mark Wilson149 not out
2000-01Antony Cromwell100 not out
Neville Donaldson101 not out
Duncan Drew110
Joshua Fawkes155
Raymond Gutsell100
Jason Todd111 not out
Mark Wilson101 not out
2001-02Bret Latimer126
Mark Wilson100 not out
2002-03Neville Donaldson102
Rodrick Rzepecky123 not out
2003-04Bradley Ludemann115
David Maretia-Ria156 not out
David Meikle117
2004-05John Anderson100
Ben Cant102
2005-06Joshua Fawkes167 not out
Marcel McKenzie102 not out
Richard Napier105 not out
2007-08James Cutt102 not out
Neville Donaldson108
2008-09John Anderson115
Neville Donaldson101 not out
Andrew Lusty108
2009-10Ben Cant102
Duncan Drew142
Duncan Drew120
Thomas Shields104
2010-11Sean Conlan125 not out
Glen Curry103 not out
Neville Donaldson114
Duncan Drew103
Thomas Shields117
Jason Todd122
Jason Todd111
2011-12Duncan Drew104 not out
Daniel Martin112
2012-13Jason Todd114 vs Valley 9th Feb
2013-14Glynn Cameron113 not out vs Albion
Richard Napier104 not out vs Oamaru
Jeremiah Shields112 not out vs Oamaru
2014-15John Anderson160
Sean Conlan103 vs WBHS
Jake Greenslade142 vs Oamaru/SKC
2016-17Duncan Drew110 vs Valley
Jason Todd100* vs Glenavy
2017-18Sam Bastin118 vs Valley 4 Nov 2017
Mark Creighton130no vs Oam-SKC 18 Nov 2017
Jason Todd129 vs Oam-SKC 18 Nov 2017
Jason Todd180no vs Oam-SKC 10 Feb 2018
Jason Todd130no vs WBHS 2nd XI 10 Mar 2018
2018-19Sam Bastin113 vs Valley 2 Mar 2019
Jeremiah Shields117 vs Albion 17 Nov 2018
2019-20Duncan Drew112no vs SKC 1st XI 8 Feb 2020
Thomas Shields111 vs Oamaru 2 Nov 2019

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