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Senior 5 wickets in an innings 1990- -

Listed below is those players who have taken five wickets in an innings from the 1990-91 season to present day while playing for a team in the Senior grade from the Union Cricket Club

1990-91Michael Dodd6-14 vs St Kevins
Michael Dodd6-64 vs St Kevins
Graham Pope5-120 vs Oamaru
1991-92Peter Brown6-31 vs St Kevins
Peter Brown5-77 vs WBHS
Alex Lemon6-26 vs St Kevins
Alex Lemon6-47 vs Valley
Alex Lemon6-65 vs Albion
Gordon Lemon6-67 vs Valley
Gordon Lemon5-53 vs Valley
1992-93Peter Brown5-34 vs WBHS
John Crombie8-63 vs Valley
John Crombie6-28 vs WBHS
John Crombie6-50 vs St Kevins
John Crombie6-59 vs Albion
John Crombie5-32 vs Albion
Vaughn Fraser5-33 vs Oamaru
1993-94John Crombie8-42 vs St Kevins
John Crombie7-12 vs St Kevins
Kelvin Hiscoke5-20 vs Oamaru
Graham Hiscoke5-31 vs Oamaru
Alex Lemon8-37 vs WBHS
Alex Lemon5-18 vs Valley
1994-95Gordon Lemon5-45 vs Albion
Gordon Lemon5-47 vs WBHS
Neil Rushton6-5 vs Albion
Neil Rushton5-13 vs St Kevins
Mark Wilson5-41 vs Oamaru
1995-96John Crombie5-40 vs Albion
John Crombie5-51 vs WBHS
John Crombie5-56 vs WBHS
Richard Sidon5-21 vs Albion
Michael Willetts5-24 vs St Kevins
Mark Wilson5-23 vs WBHS
1996-97Bret Beston5-24 vs WBHS
Jonathan Brent5-32 vs Valley
Tony Moore5-39 vs Valley
Neil Rushton5-25 vs Oamaru
Richard Sidon6-20 vs Oamaru
Richard Sidon5-72 vs Valley
Mark Wilson6-64 vs Valley
1997-98Neil Rushton6-38 vs Oamaru
Neil Rushton5-37 vs St Kevins
Richard Sidon6-29 vs Oamaru
Richard Sidon6-40 vs Oamaru
Richard Sidon5-23 vs Valley
Richard Sidon5-30 vs Albion
Richard Sidon5-37 vs St Kevins
Mark Wilson5-6 vs WBHS
1998-99John Crombie8-18 vs Valley
John Crombie5-24 vs WBHS
John Crombie5-46 vs Albion
Paul Johnston5-23 vs Glenavy
Richard Sidon6-20 vs St Kevins
Richard Sidon6-60 vs Oamaru
Richard Sidon5-33 vs Oamaru
Mark Wilson6-12 vs Albion
1999-00John Crombie6-6 vs St Kevins
John Crombie5-8 vs WBHS
John Crombie5-43 vs Valley
Paul Johnston6-16 vs Valley
Paul Johnston5-4 vs Oamaru
Mark Wilson6-7 v St Kevins
Mark Wilson6-37 vs Albion
2000-01John Crombie6-44 vs Albion
John Crombie6-64 vs Valley
Philip Crossan5-16 vs Valley
Nathan Hill6-11 vs WBHS
Nathan Hill5-21 vs Oamaru
Nathan Hill5-24 vs St Kevins
Nathan Hill5-52 vs Albion
2001-02Neil Rushton5-35 vs Valley
Neil Rushton5-40 vs St Kevins
Mark Wilson5-44 vs Oamaru
2002-03Antony Cromwell5-38 vs Valley
Philip Crossan6-16 vs St Kevins
Neville Donaldson5-64 vs Albion
Paul Johnston7-37 vs St Kevins
Paul Johnston5-17 vs Oamaru
Paul Johnston5-24 vs Valley
Mark Wilson5-36 vs Valley
2003-04Anthony Frew5-29 vs Oamaru
Ben Sinnamon5-35 vs Valley
2004-05Ben Hardaker5-27 vs Albion
Andrew McCulloch5-41 vs St Kevins
Neil Rushton5-30 vs WBHS
2005-06Craig Campbell5-39 vs Albion
Craig Campbell5-54 vs WBHS
Paul Johnston5-17 vs Valley
Paul Johnston5-53 vs Albion
2006-07John Crombie6-22 vs Valley
Neil Rushton5-39 vs Albion
2007-08Glynn Cameron6-34 vs WBHS
Daniel Conlan5-36 vs Albion
Stuart Dickinson5-17 vs Albion
2008-09Glynn Cameron5-22 vs WBHS
Philip Crossan6-35 vs WBHS
Philip Crossan6-37 vs Valley
Philip Crossan5-37 vs WBHS
Paul Johnston5-34 vs St Kevins
2009-10Daniel Conlan5-51 vs Albion - Borton Cup Semi-Final
Philip Crossan5-38 vs Albion
Duncan Drew6-7 vs WBHS
2010-11Glynn Cameron6-40 vs WBHS
Duncan Drew5-35 vs Oamaru
Paul Johnston5-23 vs St Kevins
Chris Ware5-16 vs Oamaru
2011-12Brad Fleming5-4 vs Valley - Borton Cup Semi-Final
2012-13Duncan Drew5-27 vs Oamaru
Duncan Drew5-44 vs Albion - Dick Hunt Final
Brad Fleming5-11 vs St Kevins
Paul Johnston5-25 vs St Kevins
Mathew Lilley5-43 vs St Kevins - Union debut
Mathew Lilley5-30 vs WBHS
2013-14Brad Fleming5-27 vs Eastern
Paul Johnston5-12 vs St Kevins
Paul Johnston5-41 vs Valley
Paul Johnston5-15 vs Valley - Borton Cup Semi-Final
2014-15Glynn Cameron5-24 vs Valley
Glynn Cameron5-71 vs Albion
Brad Fleming5-29 vs WBHS
Mathew Lilley7-19 vs Valley
2017-18Glynn Cameron6-28 vs WBHS 3 Feb 2018
Philip Crossan5-28 vs Oam-SKC 11 Nov 2017

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