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Senior 5 wickets in an innings 1979-90 -

Listed below is those players who have taken five wickets in an innings from the 1979-80 season to the 1989-90 season while playing for a team in the Senior grade from the Union Cricket Club

1979-80Neville Donaldson5-33 vs Albion
Chris Taylor6-49 vs Country
1980-81Doug Brown5-41 vs Country
Neville Donaldson5-31 vs Country
Russell McGregor5-52 vs Oamaru
1981-82Doug Brown6-20 vs WBHS
Neville Donaldson7-58 vs Albion
Neville Donaldson6-38 vs Oamaru
Chris Taylor7-11 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor5-23 vs Country
Chris Taylor5-27 vs Oamaru
Chris Taylor5-35 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor5-39 vs Oamaru
Chris Taylor5-47 vs WBHS
1982-83Neville Donaldson6-56 vs Albion
Neville Donaldson5-15 vs Country
Neville Donaldson5-21 vs Oamaru
Gerald Hanna6-45 vs St Kevins
Russell McGregor5-28 vs Country
Chris Taylor7-45 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor5-19 vs Country
Chris Taylor5-21 vs Country
Chris Taylor5-36 vs Country
1983-84Graham Barton5-21 vs Albion
Neville Donaldson5-16 vs St Kevins
Neville Donaldson5-32 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor6-10 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor5-17 vs Country
Chris Taylor5-74 vs Country
1984-85Graham Barton5-23 vs Albion
Graham Barton5-28 vs Country
Peter Crombie6-51 vs St Kevins
Neville Donaldson6-61 vs Country
Neville Donaldson6-61 vs Country
Chris Taylor7-44 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor6-58 vs St Kevins
Chris Taylor6-58 vs St Kevins
Chris Taylor5-58 vs Albion
1985-86John Crombie6-41 vs Country
Neville Donaldson5-17 vs WBHS
Chris Taylor6-42 vs Oamaru
1986-87Michael Dodd5-25 vs WBHS
1987-88John Crombie6-41 vs Albion
Dennis Johnston6-29 vs Country
Dennis Johnston5-37 vs Country
Bruce McGregor5-47 vs WBHS
1988-89John Crombie5-47 vs Country
Graham Pope5-54 vs Country
Chris Taylor5-55 vs St Kevins
1989-90John Crombie6-7 vs WBHS
Derek Walker7-42 vs Albion
Derek Walker6-29 vs WBHS

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