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Senior 5 wickets in an innings 1909-40 -

Listed below is those players who have taken five wickets in an innings from the 1909-10 season to the 1939-40 season while playing for a team in the Senior grade from the Union Cricket Club

1910-11? Brooker5-1 vs Balruddery XI
Jason Montgomery6-21 vs NOFCOP
Jason Montgomery6-33 vs Phoenix Bowling Club
1911-12Fred W Ongley7-22 vs Oamaru
1912-13Jason Montgomery5-20 vs School (WBHS)
1914-15F Turner6-7 vs School
F Turner5-18 vs School (WBHS)
1915-16R Adamson5-40 vs Junior High School
C Brooker5-28 vs School (WBHS)
Fred W Ongley9-30 vs School (WBHS)
F Turner5-34 vs School (WBHS)
F Turner5-39 vs Oamaru
1919-20Fred W Ongley9-41 vs Oamaru
Fred W Ongley6-19 vs School (WBHS)
James M. Robertson5-18 vs Returned Servicemen
1920-21F A Graham7-6 vs Oamaru
F A Graham7-30 vs Oamaru
F A Graham6-23 vs Oamaru
F A Graham5-47 vs School (WBHS)
1921-22F A Graham6-15 vs Albion
F A Graham5-22 vs School
F A Graham5-32 vs Albion
F A Graham5-36 vs Oamaru
F A Graham5-46 vs Albion
F A Graham5-73 vs Oamaru
Fred W Ongley9-68 vs Oamaru
James M. Robertson6-15 vs Oamaru
1922-23Fred W Ongley7-26 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley5-26 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley5-28 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley5-37 vs Oamaru
James M. Robertson6-14 vs Albion
James M. Robertson6-24 vs School (WBHS)
1923-24F A Graham6-30 vs Oamaru
F A Graham5-28 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley7-60 vs School (WBHS)
Fred W Ongley6-12 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley6-35 vs Albion
Fred W Ongley6-52 vs Oamaru
James M. Robertson5-22 vs Albion
1926-27G McBeath7-9 vs School (WBHS)
G McBeath6-16 vs Albion
G McBeath5-28 vs Albion
Ronald W McDonald7-35 vs Oamaru
Ronald W McDonald6-52 vs Oamaru
Ronald W McDonald5-25 vs Albion
Ronald W McDonald5-59 vs Albion
James M. Robertson5-53 vs Oamaru
1927-28Ronald W McDonald6-46 vs Oamaru
Ronald W McDonald5-75 vs Oamaru
1928-29Jack Maddigan5-13 vs School (WBHS)
Jack Maddigan5-31 vs Albion
Ronald W McDonald5-21 vs Oamaru
1929-30Ronald W McDonald5-37 vs Albion
C G Meikle6-36 vs Oamaru
W Tonkin5-41 vs Oamaru
1930-31W Borrows5-17 vs Oamaru
E D Brown5-22 vs Albion
Ronald W McDonald5-43 vs Albion
1931-32E D Brown5-22 vs Oamaru
Jack Maddigan6-44 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-43 vs Albion
Ronald W McDonald5-47 vs Albion
1932-33E D Brown8-87 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-47 vs Albion
C G Meikle5-20 vs School (WBHS)
W Tonkin5-4 vs School (WBHS)
1933-34B Blair5-11 vs Albion
W Borrows5-30 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-20 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-23 vs School (WBHS)
1934-35W Tonkin6-38 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-16 vs Oamaru
1935-36B Blair5-21 vs Albion
1936-37B Blair5-36 vs Albion
? Martin5-16 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-33 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-52 vs Oamaru
W Tonkin5-73 vs Oamaru
1937-38B Blair5-28 vs Albion
W Tonkin7-70 vs Oamaru
W Tonkin5-33 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-39 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-45 vs Oamaru
W Tonkin5-56 vs School (WBHS)
W Tonkin5-61 vs Albion
1938-39Keith Doig6-30 vs St Kevins
Jack Maddigan6-15 vs St Kevins
Jack Maddigan5-9 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-37 vs Oamaru A
W Tonkin7-29 vs Albion
W Tonkin5-49 vs School (WBHS)
1939-40B Blair5-23 vs Oamaru A
Keith Doig8-36 vs Albion
Jack Maddigan5-40 vs Oamaru A

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