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For some of the games below the scorecard is avaliable to be viewed on the website. To view the scorecard click on the date field.

Wkt Runs Batsman Batsman Opposition Date
1st 214 Sam Bastin Jeremiah Shields Albion 17-11-2018
2nd 197* Duncan Drew Aliisili (Ali) Fanene St Kevins 07-02-1998
3rd 275 Thomas Shields Duncan Drew Waitaki BHS 20-02-2010
4th 187* Duncan Drew Mark Wilson Valley 20-10-2001
5th 182 Duncan Drew Sam Bastin Valley 02-03-2019
6th 121 Neville Donaldson Gerald Hanna Oamaru 06-11-1982
7th 136 Graham Cowles Robert W. Pile St Kevins 06-02-1960
8th 109 Russell Payne Robert Bowman St Kevins 22-03-1969
9th 151 Russell Payne Robert Bowman Country 11-12-1976
10th 71 Russell Payne Alex Lemon Country 07-01-1989

Senior Reserve / 2nd XI
Wkt Runs Batsman Batsman Opposition Date
1st 260 Jason Todd Neville Donaldson St Kevins 2nds 05-02-2011
2nd 160 Ben Sheat Andrew Lusty St Kevins 2nds 17-11-2007
3rd 227 Freddie Fenton Jason Little Oamaru SR 08-03-1997
4th 166 Andrew McCulloch Neville Donaldson Albion 03-11-2007
5th 83 Jason Hasler Jason Todd St Kevins 2nds 17-03-2001
6th 124 Peter Plunket Heta Miller Valley 07-12-1996
7th 171 P Cunningham Peter Crombie Oamaru 23-11-1985
8th 153 J Curtin John Anderson WBHS 3rds 07-02-2015
9th 91 Jason Drummond Craig Campbell Oamaru 29-11-1997
10th 80 Herbert Hannah John Darragh Waitaki BHS 09-02-1957

Second/Third Grade
Wkt Runs Batsman Batsman Opposition Date
1st 183 Andrew Anderson Gordon Muldrew WBHS 4ths 23-11-1991
2nd 105 Terry Reilly Barry Meikle Campbell Park 14-02-1978
3rd 203 Barry Meikle John Rooney North End 23-10-1982
4th 116 Glen Curry Andrew Martin Oamaru 13-11-2010
5th 190* Richard Napier Aaron Simpson WBHS 4ths 22-10-2005
6th 125 Tony Irving Darryl Taukamo SKC 3rd XI 12-03-1994
7th 208 Nathan Smith Joshua Fawkes Union Meikle 11-02-2006
8th 102 Jock A Sangster Dennis Johnston Albion 20-01-1970
9th 98 Andrew Anderson Roddy Brown Oamaru 01-11-1986
10th 127 Stephen Lamb John Cooney SKC 3rd XI 05-12-1998

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