Club Logo

When people think of the symbols of the Union Cricket Club two things immediately come to mind. The clubs unique soundings at its home ground of King George Park and its club logo. Designed by Nelson Johnston, it is unknown how long it has used by the club but photographs from the 50th celebrations in 1960 show that it was in use during that time. The Senior team also at some time between 1950 and 1968 had club blazers made with the logo displayed on the left blazer pocket.

The club has used many different variations of the logo, initially a simple design was used predominately in blue with a red ball. Over time changed to using a copy of the logo completely in blue for its stationary. With the donation of Graham Cowles blazer pocket after his passing, the original colors where then rediscovered and the club now uses the current version of the logo in its originally intended form.

The Union Cricket Club logo is a wing holding onto a cricket ball with a cricket stump and a ribbon stating the club's name in a blue background. The wing represents speed and accuracy whilst its holding a cricket ball hitting the stump that appears on the logo. The blue represents the clubs official colors of Royal Blue and White.