Easter Tour Player of the Match Vs. Patearoa C.C.
Trophy/Honour Image

This tankard is awarded to the player who is agreed to be the player of the match in the annual game between the Union Cricket Club and Patearoa Cricket Club played at Easter. It was first presented to K Falconer from the Patearoa Cricket Club on the 3rd of April 1972. The day during Easter in which the game was played varied with the first games being played on the Monday, then on the Sunday. Currently with the closure of the Patearoa Cricket Club the game is not contested so the tankard is not presented.

1973-74 Antony Cartwright
1974-75 Chris Taylor
1976-77 Gary Smith
1977-78 Chris Taylor
1980-81 Russell Payne
1982-83 Bruce McGregor
1984-85 Russell Payne
1985-86 David Cartwright
1986-87 Bruce McGregor
1988-89 Patrick Bleach
1989-90 Patrick Bleach
1990-91 Michael Willetts
1991-92 Ash Flannery
1992-93 Neil Rushton
1995-96 Glynn Cameron
1996-97 Mark Wilson