Club Duck Trophy
Trophy/Honour Image

The clubs Duck Trophy is awarded to the member who has been out the most times during the season when their score has been zero, or a 'duck'. Originally called a "duck's egg" because of the "0" shape in the scorebook. If players are equal with same amount of ducks they are then judged by the most 'golden ducks' that is out on the ball they faced. The current Duck Trophy, which was donated to the club by Ted Tempero in 2005, is a replacement of the second duck trophy which was in a bad state of repair. The second duck trophy was a mounted red plastic duck with the winners written down under the mounting. The original duck trophy which was first presented at the end of the 1954-55 season was a yellow duck mounted in front of three broken wickets indicating that the duck had been 'bowled'.

1986-87 Barry Compton
1986-87 Ricky Mills
1986-87 D Poole
1986-87 W Wooton
1987-88 David Maretia-Ria
1989-90 Maurice Hunt
1990-91 Wayne Hunt
1991-92 Robert Coates
1993-94 Tonga Havea
1993-94 Graham Pope
1993-94 Mark Wilson
1995-96 Darryl Whitburn
1996-97 Tony Welsh
1997-98 John Anderson 4 ducks
1998-99 Craig Ormandy 5
2000-01 Darryl Shields
2004-05 Cameron Tither 4
2011-12 Michael Elvidge
2011-12 Andrew Martin
2012-13 Sean Conlan
2012-13 Hayden Creedy
2016-17 Nigel Baird 4
2017-18 Mark Creighton 4
2018-19 Mathew Lilley
2018-19 Ash Nockels
2019-20 Daniel Martin
2019-20 Jeremiah Shields
2020-21 Logan Johnston 4