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1920 News

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Oamaru v. Union

Friday, 3 December 1920

The Oamaru and Union teams played a match on the School ground yesterday, which resulted in a win for Union by more..

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Union v. Albion

Monday, 22 November 1920

Union and Albion played a match on King George's Park on Saturday. The grass more..

JJ Stott

Oamaru v. Union

Friday, 12 November 1920

Oamaru and Union teams met on King George's Park yesterday, and, although the home team had what was in its power to make the conditions more..

JJ Stott

Union v. High School A

Friday, 22 October 1920


James M. Robertson

Union v. High School

Friday, 12 March 1920

he Union and School teams played a match on the School grounds yesterday which was interesting and enjoyable, the boys more..

James M. Robertson

Union v. Waitaki Boys' High School

Friday, 27 February 1920

Yesterday the School had its first experience of park and cricket and apparently did not appreciate it, for the side performed far differently from more..

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